We have tried to collect the most common questions about our project and their answers in English.


What is a cooperative?

A cooperative is a commercial enterprise (Corporation). The main difference to all other forms of business is the principle of democracy: each member has one vote regardless of its investment.

Moreover, to our cooperative applies:

  • Owners and users of the cooperative are identical (every inhabitant is a member).
  • The cooperative works cost-covering. The cooperative does not serve capital growth, but securing affordable housing.
  • The cooperative is not only a business but also a social and cultural community. Our goal is a neighborly living environment instead of today often found big city anonymity. Developing our project we do not only follow economic but also social criteria.
  • The management of the cooperative is controlled twice: firstly by the Supervisory Board, a body that is elected from the members. Also, each cooperative is a member of an audit association that regularly comprehensively examines the cooperative. Thus, a cooperative is a particularly stable and secure form of enterprise.
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Do you offer apartments for rent or for sale?

As a cooperative, we go a way between rental and ownership. All the members are co-owners of the cooperative and the cooperative is the owner of the House, which is used by the members.

What are differences between a cooperative apartment and a rented flat?

non-terminabletermination because of own needs, release from leases
permantently non-profitscale rent, rent increase, renovations that upgrade buildings to luxury status with the aim of freeing them from occupancy
neighborly environment?
Facilities with community benefit (guest appartments, common room, workshop space, car sharing, etc.)?
Equity as compulsory shares (20-30% of the appartments costs)Desposit (e.g. 3 months rents)

What are differences between a cooperative apartment and an owner-occupied flat?

The cooperative handles the financing. If the equity is available, you have no debt.
See FAQ for possible funding of compulsory shares.
Do you qualify for lending? (age, credit, collateral, proof of income)
No liability beyond the compulsory shares.usually liability with the entire personal assets
Termination and move-out as in a rented flat.
Compulsory shares will be refunded at nominal value.
You need to / want to move out?
Effort and additional fees for sale of the apartment and the return of the loan?
Discounted price of land by Konzeptioneller MietwohnungsbauHigh land costs
(in the case of first-time occupancy) Participation in the housing design,
considering community interests (e.g. re-assignment of the apartment)
Extensive influence on design
Possibility of resale is the responsibility of the owner
The cooperative creates sustainable affordable housing and excludes speculation and displacement because under normal circumstances the plot will never be sold.You have the opportunity to sell the apartment with value enhancement but also a risk of loss.

Can I sell my flat?

You acquire a right of use but no ownership of the apartment, which you occupy and therefore can not sell it. If you want to move out, you can terminate your cooperative shares and retrieve their nominal value.

How do I get an apartment? How do I become a Member?

Apartments are only given to members. The duration of membership is an important criterion when lending an appartment.

We recommend to visit one of our information meetings before entering the cooperative but that is not compulsory.

If you want to become a member, you will find the relevant documents under downloads.

Return the signed signed membership agreement (currently only available in German) by mail to us.

Transfer € 1000 for your first compulsory share and € 500,- as an entrance fee to the following bank account (also to be found in the membership agreement):

Owner: Buergerbauverein Muenchen BbvM eG
IBAN: DE77 6005 0101 0405 0264 38

The entrance fee is used for our running costs. The compulsory share is the first part of your equity if an apartment is assigned to you. The compulsory share will be refunded when leaving.

Upon receipt of membership application and payment, you will receive a confirmation by E-Mail and by mail containing your member number.


What appartments/ floorplans can you offer?

Based on the wishes of our members we are planning different apartment sizes and shapes. In addition to apartments with 1-6 rooms with balconies or terraces/ garden shares at the groud floor also other forms of housing such as cluster housing or shared flats are possible.

Apartment sizes apartments refer basically to the Bavarian provisions for subsidized housing (No. 22 WFB 2012 – https://www.verkuendung-bayern.de/amtsblatt/dokument/allmbl-2012-1-20/).

We apply on a tender of the city of Munich. We can begin with the planning only, if we receive an acceptance. Therefore, currently there is no concrete plans. All members who are interested, can participate in the planning of the house.


I can not fully raise the compulsory shares. What options are there?

„Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau“ (short: KfW) is a German public promotional bank. It offers a credit especially for financing cooperative shares at beneficial conditions up to 50,000 € with an optional grace period (pay interest only. Special repayment is possible during the first interest period free of charge. The credit will be offered through a principal bank, preferably the bank which will be financing our building project.
Find more information at Website of KfW (German only)

Subsidies (EOF, München Model)

What does EOF, München Modell or KMB mean?

„Einkommensorientierte Förderung“ (EOF), „München Modell“ and „Konzeptioneller Mietwohnungsbau“ (KMB) are housing programs for various income groups, which should provide affordable housing in Munich. In all programs, builders are supported, if they commit in return to certain maximum rents, permanently not to sell the apartments and to award them only to respectively entitled people.

EOF I/II/IIIMünchen ModellKMB
maximum monthly compensation fee (rent) per m²5,90 €*11,09 €12,06 -14,72 € (for the Prinz-Eugen-Park project)
income limit yearly gross income* Example: 3 person family including 1 childapprox. 33.800 €
approx. 45.450 €
approx. 57.100 €
approx. 71.300 €approx. 85.600 €
minimum occupancy or
working period in
Conditions abolished in 20202 years
Munich or surrounding districts
1 year with child
no requirements
verification of
application after
36 monthsone-time application without verificationno application necessary

*nonbinding projection of the gross income

EOF/social housing - application requirements (German) EOF - Information on income limits (German) Website about München-Modell (German) income limits München-Modell (German) Application forms for download (German) Website about KMB (German)


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