A cooperative is a commercial enterprise (Corporation). The main difference to all other forms of business is the principle of democracy: each member has one vote regardless of its investment.

Moreover, to our cooperative applies:

  • Owners and users of the cooperative are identical (every inhabitant is a member).
  • The cooperative works cost-covering. The cooperative does not serve capital growth, but securing affordable housing.
  • The cooperative is not only a business but also a social and cultural community. Our goal is a neighborly living environment instead of today often found big city anonymity. Developing our project we do not only follow economic but also social criteria.
  • The management of the cooperative is controlled twice: firstly by the Supervisory Board, a body that is elected from the members. Also, each cooperative is a member of an audit association that regularly comprehensively examines the cooperative. Thus, a cooperative is a particularly stable and secure form of enterprise.
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