The cooperative handles the financing. If the equity is available, you have no debt.
See FAQ for possible funding of compulsory shares.
Do you qualify for lending? (age, credit, collateral, proof of income)
No liability beyond the compulsory shares.usually liability with the entire personal assets
Termination and move-out as in a rented flat.
Compulsory shares will be refunded at nominal value.
You need to / want to move out?
Effort and additional fees for sale of the apartment and the return of the loan?
Discounted price of land by Konzeptioneller MietwohnungsbauHigh land costs
(in the case of first-time occupancy) Participation in the housing design,
considering community interests (e.g. re-assignment of the apartment)
Extensive influence on design
Possibility of resale is the responsibility of the owner
The cooperative creates sustainable affordable housing and excludes speculation and displacement because under normal circumstances the plot will never be sold.You have the opportunity to sell the apartment with value enhancement but also a risk of loss.