„Einkommensorientierte Förderung“ (EOF), „München Modell“ and „Konzeptioneller Mietwohnungsbau“ (KMB) are housing programs for various income groups, which should provide affordable housing in Munich. In all programs, builders are supported, if they commit in return to certain maximum rents, permanently not to sell the apartments and to award them only to respectively entitled people.

EOFMünchen ModellKMB
maximum monthly
fee (rent) per m²

stage I   5,65 €
stage II  6,65 €
stage III 7,65 €

11,- €13,00 € (for our Project in Prinz-Eugen-Park)
income limit
yearly gross income*
Example: 3 person family
including 1 child

stage I   ca. 33.200 €
stage II  ca. 43.000 €
stage III ca. 53.000 €

ca. 70.000 €no income limit
minimum occupancy or
working period in
5 years
3 years
Munich or surrounding districts
1 year with child
no requirements
verification of
application after
36 monthsone-time application without verificationno application necessary

*nonbinding projection of the gross income

Informations of Munich Social Welfare Department about EOF and its income limits (German, PDF) Website about München-Modell (German) income limits München-Modell (German, PDF) Application forms for download (German) Website about KMB (German)